It is with great pleasure that L’Ancre des Jeunes presents its most recent annual report. You will find there, among other things, our successes, our financial report, as well as our 2021-2022 action plan. Supported by its donors, financial and service partners, as well as by the community, L’Ancre des Jeunes outlines its strategy to fight for the school and social re-enrollment of young people facing all kinds of difficulties.

This annual report is thus filled with words and images of our wonderful young people testifying to their determination to overcome these difficulties and to take their destiny back in hand. This effort is supported by the teams of workers, employees, volunteers, and members of the Board of Directors of L’Ancre des Jeunes who form a family mobilized for the cause.

As our president, Denis Deschamps so clearly indicates, “despite the current context and with the help of its precious donors, the L’Ancre des Jeunes team, as well as the members of the management committee and the board of directors, are sure to do everything possible to support our youth and accompany them through thick and thin ”.

Good reading!

The L’Ancre des Jeunes team

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