Connecting with your futur

The ​​Connecting with your futur program is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 20 who are taking courses in Assisted Distance Education at an Adult Education Center. They are grappling with significant academic and/or psychosocial issues.

The Connecting with your futur program supports young adults who want to take charge of the various spheres of their life. The approach of the young people of the Connecting with the futur is more autonomous than that of the Return-to-school Support program.


  • Pursue academic or professional training
  • Improve personal esteem
  • Développer l’autonomie

The Connecting with your futur program is…

Family atmosphere and homemade soup at lunchtime!
Attentive coaching and tutoring during academic workshops in small groups (one facilitator for 3-10 students)
A community that values learning and success
Psychosocial follow-up each week to get to know oneself and review progress
360° support system due to regular communications between l’Ancre, the family, the Adult Education Centre and facilitators.
Arts and crafts workshops to discover your talents (cooking, science, pyrography, etc.)
Discoveries during cultural and social outings.
Encouragement throughout the year and an open door for life!

So that every young person hangs up in school and in society!


If you want to register or refer a young person in the Connecting with your futur,
contact Gabrielle Joseph Blais at 514-769-1654 #259.

Good to know!

Young people interested in the BST @ program can contact the management team of their Adult Education Center and submit their applications on their own.
Social workers (psychologist, social worker, psychoeducator, etc.) can also submit an application.

Connected to your @venir takes place from September to June.
The schedule is 10:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
Registration fees are paid by the Adult Education Center only.