L’Ancre des Jeunes is a non-profit organization. Since 1991, it has been involved in Montreal’s South-West borough where dropout rates are among the highest in the province of Quebec. In a nutshell, our mission is to support school reenrollment and to prevent the educational and social dropout phenomenon among young people.


At L’Ancre, we believe that every young person is their own change agent. Consequently, our role at l’Ancre is to accompany each one of them on their way to improving their personal and academic circumstances.


More precisely, we offer youth a structured environment and psycho-social support adapted to their needs. The organization works to help these young people regain their self-esteem, to revalidate their studies and to provide them with all the necessary tools for their reintegration in academic and social circles!

To achieve this, we provide these young people with continuous and personalized mentoring support for the academic, social and personal aspects of their lives. Our six programs are aimed at 9- to 20-year-olds in elementary and high schools. These youth present significant problems with academic motivation and are at risk of dropping out or have already dropped out from the education system. Many of them are also facing mental health issues (depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, etc.) or social issues (bullying, negligence, substance abuse, etc.).

Like a port where boats drop anchor and restock, l’Ancre offers resources and tools to about 130 young people each year. They can then get back on the road and continue their journey with confidence!


More than 25 years and 2,500 young people later, we have proven ourselves: on average, 90% of young people who finish our programs reenroll in school, and 93% of them continue next year!




The values that support our approach are:


 RESPECT : Be careful not to hurt people, things or the environment. Consider others as unique people and treat each other with respect.


 ENGAGEMENT : Deploy all of one’s skills and resources to achieve the established goals. Go beyond individualism to work towards the improvement and development of l’Ancre.


 COOPERATION : Consider teamwork as beneficial and valuable for accomplishing tasks, for encouraging creativity and for reinforcing each other’s skill sets.


 PROFESSIONNALISM: Prioritize the values of l’Ancre over one’s own values, and demonstrate that through one’s own choices, actions and words. Practice these in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Constant Vigilance adopted at l’Ancre.

L’Ancre des Jeunes over the years

L’Ancre was founded in 1991 by the Frères du Sacré Coeur and has come a long way since then! From the first young people welcomed here, to the first award received, to its contribution to academic books, learn a little more about the history of l’Ancre.

Internship of the Frères du Sacré Cœur at the Maison de Jonathan

11 August 1990

Creation of L’Ancre des Jeunes

11 August 1991

Welcoming the first young people aged 10 to 17

12 August 1991

Renting the current house from the Fondation Yvon Lamarre with an offer to purchase

12 August 1998

Publication of the research report: « Evaluation of dropout prevention programs for teenagers from underprivileged families at l’Ancre des Jeunes » by Janosz and colleagues.

12 August 2001

Direction de la Santé Publique du Québec models the approach developed at l’Ancre

13 August 2001

Purchase of the current house

12 August 2002

Introduction of the educational day camp

12 August 2005

Construction of an additional floor in the building; capacity of 50% more young people

12 August 2011

Cooperation award from Montreal’s South-West Caisse Desjardins

12 August 2012

Publication of the book « The role of educational support in preventing dropping out » by D. Desmarais, including a chapter on l’Ancre

13 August 2012

Inspiration Award from the Fondation Québec Jeunes

12 August 2013

Succession Award from Centraide

12 August 2014

Award « Relève en gestion philanthropique » from BNP Stratégies

13 August 2014

Social Engagement Award from Centraide

12 August 2015

Major gift campaign launch

12 August 2016