L'Ancre Adventures Camp

L’Ancre Adventures Camp is for Verdun teenagers aged 13 to 16 who want an unforgettable outdoor experience! These young people don’t have to be great athletes, but still, need to be in good physical condition.

L’Ancre à l’Aventure places young people in a situation where they must surpass themselves. This is the most important thing they learn from this camp: “I can do more than what I think!”


  • Develop autonomy and a sense of initiative
  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Take up a sporting challenge
  • Build self-esteem

L’Ancre Adventures Camp is…

8 young people and 2 facilitators during a 4-day outdoor adventure!
Young people who plan their own trip
Adventurers who do 6 to 12 km per day and move from one camp to another
Unforgettable discussions around a camp fire
An open group where all sorts of subjects are covered: aspirations, religion, sexuality, identity, etc.
Memorable moments during climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing, etc.
And above all, the conviction that we can all surpass ourselves and overcome obstacles!
Relationships that develop quickly in a positive group

To exceed its limits!


If you would like to register your child or refer a young person to the L’Ancre Adventures Camp program, contact Arthur D’Heilly at arthur.dheilly@ancredesjeunes.org.

Good to know!

L’Ancre Adventures Camp takes place in 2 sessions of 2 weeks: 1 session in winter and 1 session in summer. Food, reservations, and all the materials needed for the expedition are provided. And it costs only $ 50/young for the winter session, and $ 100/young for the summer session!