Whether it’s for the youth, the community spirit, to develop skills or simply to give something back: getting involved is good, for others and for yourself.


Volunteering can take place on a one-time or regular basis, based on everyone’s interests and skills: you can help out with homework, arts and crafts workshops, teaching, cooking, administrative tasks, communications, organization of events, etc. There are a thousand ways to get involved at L’Ancre des Jeunes!



You want to get involved at L’Ancre des Jeunes?


To get more information or to be involved with the youth, please contact Arthur D’Heilly at


When I think about my experience as a volunteer at l’Acnre, I think of the students I worked with, but I also think about the team that welcomed me warmly and has continuously supported me. L’Ancre makes miracles for young people, and at the same time it offers a place with a family atmosphere. For its 25th anniversary, I wish this organization to continue its development in order to keep helping as many young people as possible! Congratulations to this dedicated team!


Designation : homework assistance volunteer

Young people who are welcomed here at l’Ancre often had to face personal, family and economic difficulties. The one I was helping with homework had attention deficit disorder, in addition to experiencing many family troubles. During the first few months, the time spent with him was only to help him with his homework, we did not talk about other things. But with time, he started opening up to me and sharing his personal life … Little by little, a real bond of trust was created between him and me, which is a lot to say for young people who almost lost all confidence in adults! This relationship became very important to me, and I am grateful to l’Ancre for giving me this opportunity!


Designation : homework assistance volunteer

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to feel useful while not being in the spotlight. This volunteering experience has been very useful for me while bringing some tangible benefits for the organization! See in the fall!


Designation : volunteer archivist

I chose l’Ancre because the mission of the organization spoke directly to my heart, and also because I loved the variety of services offered to young people.


Designation : multipurpose volunteer

Before coming to l’Ancre, I felt I was going in circles. I was looking for something significant, some sort of community engagement... Working for others and not just for oneself, the real deal! I looked for an organization in the neighborhood and I found l’Ancre. I started by welcoming the young people, then making soup, and then I helped Daphne, the general manager, on projects... I love the ambience, the respect between the people. It's friendly, easy. So I never left!


Designation : multipurpose volunteer

I will never forget this wonderful experience of working with the gang at l’Ancre. When I find a job, I'll contribute in other ways, but I won't forget you, my heart is anchored here 🙂


Designation : soup-making volunteer

Many thanks to l’Ancre! You are a great team with a great mission. See you next year!


Designation : soup-making volunteer

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